You have lived a lifetime!

You have so many stories

to tell, they can fill a

room.  And that’s not

counting stories you make

up, go for it.  Tell it!


Your story connects us. It may bring a smile or a thought from way back when, it may tell us something about who we are, where we’ve come from or what matters. Your story can make someone feel less alone.

Women after fifty have been through sooo much: childhood, school, work, partners, motherhood, children, makeups, breakups, parents, illness, pain, pleasure, joy.  Not to mention the 60’s & 70’s (like no other) and of course the 80’s & 90’s, and now the 21st century. Girl, do we have stories!

And when we share stories … it’s like a big, long, hug.

It’s like breathing in together, deeply; a deep, deep breath; and exhaling, slowly, together.

It feels sooo good.

“Your story, is our story”

Video Stories

Audio Stories

Stories to Read

Jennifer’s Story: Doreen Rodrigo, my mother

“We never really knew her,” my cousin said as she stood next to me at the graveside. I remember thinking, “No you didn’t. None of you did. But I knew her. I KNEW HER. And I was not ready for her to go. I had all these plans, all these things I wanted to do with my...

Patricia’s Story: Shore House

In early 1996, my daughter Dana had a sleepover at her friend Reba Fiori’s house. When I picked them up, she started saying that Reba’s house was haunted, and Reba casually agreed. “It’s true,” she said. Dana heard footsteps all night, up and down the stairs and...

Melva’s Story, I Forgive You Daddy

I need to forgive you, Daddy. I wanted a warm cuddly daddy with soft words and a warm heart, you were cold and distant and punished me often. I was afraid of you and I felt like I was a disappointment to you, just as you were a disappointment to me. I need to forgive...

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