Women 50+ have so many stories. While our paths are varied – our experiences, and especially how we feel about them, then and today, are more similar than not. Stories told by women who lived through the same last fifty years as you, have the power to connect—to our inner selves, and to each other. This connection is healing and loving, nurturing and empowering.

After fifty, something shifted in me. I became aware of the story I told everyone I met. The story I told myself. I did not want to admit it , for years I had bluffed myself over and over. But after 50, in the stillness of an empty nest, the cranking engine of children going to school and after school, the clutter of where they were that weekend, with whom, and what time they would be back; when all that din ceased—they were adults, and I surrendered. Suddenly there was so much space. The heavens opened, the angels sang, there was a golden field I walked through, a slight breeze blew, and for the first time it seemed, I breathed—I am here, I tell the universe—and then it hit me! The story I told myself, had been telling myself all my life: Poor me, look what life did to me; I could have, should have, but…

I knew in my gut that to move forward, to thrive the next 30, 20, 10 or even 1 year, I needed to change my story. But knowing did not make it so. Instead, I had to go back, return to the moments that soldered the Poor Me narrative, and re-examine the tableaus. In each scene, I saw then, and I saw then + what I know now. With a clearer past, I can reimagine the future filled with love and grace.

For every one of us. Today more than ever I appreciate community. There is an understanding and empathy which feels like a big heart. Women 50+, we sense each other’s journeys. When we share our stories, it is joyful and exciting. Even the sad stories, they are triumphant, for we continue to grow. We are a sisterhood with so much experience, so many stories. We have lived. We have learned. Our stories matter. At StorySistas the voices of women 50+ are gifts that are heard, embraced, and celebrated.

Stories bring us together. They make us more resilient. It is my hope that the stories here connect with you. Wherever you are. And that you will share your voice, your story, here at StorySistas.


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