In the latest movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain Marvel is a boomer and a woman. The movie opened in cinemas nationwide on March 8th , International Women’s Day, and stars Brie Larson as Captain Marvel aka Major Carol Danvers. Set in 1995 when Blockbuster and Radioshack were fixtures at strip malls and songs by Nirvana, Salt-N-Pepa and R.E.M were hits, it places our heroine in her early thirties then, which puts her in her mid-fifties today! I love the idea that today, Captain Marvel, a woman after 50 is out there somewhere. If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it. The third best part of the movie are 90’s jokes and nostalgia and Goose the cat. The second-best part is Captain Marvel’s origin story. When Major Carol Danvers in a 1989 flashback shot at a super shazam energy source to prevent the bad guys from getting it, not only did she destroy it, the super shazam energy flowed into her in a rebound from the shot! It knocked her out and she lost all memory of her past. For the next six years she worked and trained with the bad guys, a human like race called Kree. Her superior was Yon-Rogg a steely, stout Jude Law. The best part of the movie was when Captain Marvel was captured, and all tied up in an impenetrable blue gel spider web. As she sat meditating, she realized she had been “fighting one handed,” that Yon-Rogg had planted a device in the back of her head that curbed her powers. She tore herself from the web, tore off the device, and next thing you know she can move a spaceship through space with one hand, yes, she has super powers as cool as or cooler than Super Man. This year’s International Women’s Day theme, balance for better, is here!