Jennifer’s Story: Doreen Rodrigo, my mother

Jennifer’s Story: Doreen Rodrigo, my mother

“We never really knew her,” my cousin said as she stood next to me at the graveside. I remember thinking, “No you didn’t. None of you did. But I knew her. I KNEW HER. And I was not ready for her to go. I had all these plans, all these things I wanted to do with my...

Marianne’s Story: Loving Nick

What is best for my child? A mother asks, and accepts the answer with deepest love. Marianne is a mom and doctor who listens to people’s stories for a living, she loves telling her own stories for a change. And she loves to laugh....

Bina’s Story: Love Wastefully

What Bina learned at boot camp whose director was the angel that raised her. She’s paying it forward with this story. Bina wants to be remembered for being a champion of kindness, encouragement and love. She showers her husband, children, family and friends with...

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