How do I post a story?
Go to “share your story” and follow the prompts. You can post a doc. or audio or video story. Stories must be under 950 words or under 7 minutes.

Upload a photo or an original image to be featured or we’ll place an image for you.

If you have any problems, email mahaniatstorysistas.com, or text/whatsapp +1 512 800 2541.

Can I post anonymously?
Yes. You can choose a pseudonym or put anonymous. Upload an original image to be featured.
Who can post a story?
Women 50 or older.
Can I post a story in a language other than English?
Yes, please provide an English translation.
Who or what is StorySistas?
In April 2016, Mahani told a story at a gathering and decided  that more than anything else, she wants to share stories with women 50+.

On the first Saturday of June that year a small group of women met at a restaurant in Austin, Texas and a few stood up and told stories. Turns out meeting new girlfriends and old, and sharing stories is not only fun, it is a great way to connect. StorySistas Austin has been meeting every other month on the first Saturday ever since.

StorySistas connect and support women 50+ through stories on StorySistas.com, and in small gatherings in Austin, Texas and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and anywhere in the world.  You are welcome to start a group in your town.


How do I start StorySistas in my town?
Pick a day to gather and a schedule that you can stick to. Eg. First Saturday every third month.

Secure a location like a public library that allows sack lunch or a restaurant with private space. StorySistas gatherings are social events, allow for lunch or coffee/tea so women can meet new friends and old, have a meal or snack, and share stories.

Invite women to tell a personal story on any topic, about 4- 6 minutes long. (Examples on StorySistas.com)

Announce and promote the gathering via meetups or social media one to two months ahead (Please email for Sample Gathering Announcement and other samples below, thanks.)

Request one line about the story and 30 word bio from storytellers

Announce on meetup or social media story titles/tellers and one line about each story, a week before gathering (Sample Story Lineup Announcement)

Email story tellers the program a few days before the gathering (Sample Email to Story Tellers)

At the gathering

Welcome women and provide name tags. Have a sign-up sheet. (Sign-up sheet)

If videotaping, storytellers who would like to be videoed sign an agreement. (Agreement)

If videotaping, a good camera phone, mic, camera attachment and tripod helps. (Set-up)

Allow an hour of socializing before starting story telling

Welcome women, thank story tellers and women for coming, read bios of story tellers in the order of stories. When there’s more than 6 story tellers, break into 2 groups with a 5 minute bathroom break. For eg. If there are 7 storytellers, read the bio of 4, have the 4 tell their stories back to back, have a bathroom break, then read the bios of the 3, followed by stories.

Thank storytellers, thank everyone, announce the next meet, take a group photo. (Optional)

Note on branding

StorySistas is one word with the middle S in big font. Use CocoGothic or Calibri

The name of the gathering is StorySistas followed by the location for eg. StorySistas Pineywoods, StorySistas Austin, StorySistas KL.

Questions? Email [email protected]

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