a kick in the tush

mahani is thrilled to turn sixty, knowing there’s thirty or so years is a grand kick in the tush! She started StorySistas to connect and support women 50+ through stories

Galapagos, a 50+ destination

There is no parasailing or jet skiing in Galapagos nor are there budget accommodations. There are plenty of nonchalant wildlife and sober guides scold you when you are less than six feet from a sea lion or tortoise.  While the sun shines, it hides behind low lying...

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Song in my bones

Long Train Running by  The Doobie Brothers Memorable bits: Rhythmic guitar riff that progresses and intensifies, wailing harmonica solo and the refrain, without love where would you be right now…? Head banging the air at a bar, it was too good to dance to,...

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Citizen Gold

In Malaysia where I was born, you address complete strangers as Elder Sister, Aunt, Mother or Grandma, or the male equivalent. If they are younger than you, you call them Younger Brother or Sister or Son/Daughter. People you know will attach these titles to your name...

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