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Through StorySistas I am blessed to meet women. We share many stories including stories about intimacy and what intimacy means now after 50. I meet women who are having the best sex in their lives with their one partner, multiple partners, with their toys with or without a partner, and women who seldom or do not have sex, any sex.

One thing in common is that women after 50 are at peace with just the way we are. Even when we want more or different, there is an acceptance of now, a presence. I call it the wisdom of vaginas.

We are more than our vaginas, of course, more than our bodies and our sex. Every one of us is a culmination of more than fifty years of life experience. We are each a mother lode of knowledge and practice. After 50 we have an agreement with ourselves, who we are, and where we are, now.

Today our bodies and minds are first and foremost, ours.

WISE celebrates this wisdom, this presence, and peace.

WISE follows the door the 60’s opened and continues the feminine journey of freedom to self-love and fuller life experience. I invite you to be part of this celebration and exploration.

Is there anything intimate you’d like to share or know more about? Please share, let’s learn from each other.

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Story #3	Here I am

Story #3 Here I am

I felt rising up in me all the anxieties I had as a 13, 14, 15-year-old. I didn’t know they were all still there. I remember asking myself if I’m ok. Is everything about me all right? I thought about it for days. I was surprised at how anxious I became, at this age, at this time of my life.

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