As we age, sexuality is often a balance of emotional and physical issues. There is potentially greater satisfaction in our sex lives now— we have fewer distractions, more time and privacy and no worries about getting pregnant. For those of us with long term partners, there is inbuilt intimacy and trust, though on the flip side you may have to deal with differences in libido and or becoming stuck in a pattern where one person initiates contact while the other sidesteps it.

The challenge is to take the huge leap of communicating and asking for what you want, and try to understand your partner’s wants, and together, find ways to accommodate both your needs.

The same goes for new partnerships. While fresh starts are likely to be new and improved versions of past experiences, it can feel like you have a long way to go—communicate and hang in there.

To these emotional issues add physical ones, especially our changing vaginas, they shorten and narrow as we grow, the walls become thinner and dryer. This can be addressed with water-based lubricating jelly or lubricated condoms. Changing bodies like our weight, skin, and muscle tone, fall under physical and emotional issues. While its real our bodies are going south, how we feel about our bodies affect what we want to do, more than what we are able to do.

So, here’s another leap to take, see Oldushka models online, and model for you. When you believe in your attractiveness and desirability, so will the world, including your partner.

photo by Murilo Folgosi from Pexels